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Business Promotional Video Creation   Leave a comment

I will create a video(up to 5 minutes long) promoting your business.

You can mail your footage to me on a memory stick or upload it to a file sharing site. I will then take your footage and create a short promo video for your business up to 5 minutes long.

I’ll also do some marketing of the video for you to get it some views.

The following videos are an example of my work:

After the video is completed I will upload it to my channel to market it and then I’ll also mail you a copy of it on a USB memory stick

I charge $350 for the service(which can be paid by paypal, personal check or money order) or I’d be willing to trade for the following items:

Wal-mart gift card
K-mart gift card
Target gift card
Walgreens gift card

I’d also be willing to exchange for other items so please let me know what you have.

You can e-mail me at

Thank you for your consideration.